Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Friday's Halloween Fun

For lack of anything exciting ('cause we all know just how EXCITING my life is...) to post about, I am going to do a recap of last Friday's Halloween Fun.

Friday morning, I got the kids all packed up and ready to go to TC Miller Elementary School of Innovation, for Harrison's fun day of pumpkin patch learning. The two 1st grade teachers purchased pumpkins for the two classes and set them up in the fields and had games and fun things set up to do with them. They were on a rotation and all 5 activities had something to do with what they had learned about (line them up smallest-biggest, weighing them, measuring how big, sorting, adding & subtracting), pretty cool way to learn this stuff I am sure for a kid. Then they had a pumpkin roll at the end. Jack and Jenna enjoyed getting out in the sun and watching all the big kids. Here are some photos from the morning.

The two first grade classes at TCM with the "pumpkin patch" in the background.

Jack and Jenna had a blast watching the big kids run all over.

Harrison found the perfect pumpkin.

Station one, lining pumpkins up smallest - largest, etc. Harrison is kneeling to the very right.

Word problems with pumpkins. The kids loved it!

Pumpkin rolling. I am really surprised that these pumpkins made it home in one piece. Some of them weighed as much as 30+ pounds.

After Harrison's class did their thing, I brought the babies home for lunch and naps. My mother in law came to sit with them and I went back to TCM (it is literally 3 minutes away from my house) for Maia's fall party. It was a lot of fun and I was mesmerized by her teacher and how she was able to turn ANYTHING at all into a lesson. Pretty amazing. The kids really seem to love her and respond to her. I was VERY impressed. Good to know they are getting quality education in a public school setting. Here are some photos from her party.

Mrs. Webb's Kindergarten class. Maia is barely visible in this photo.

Mrs. Webb teaching them about ABABAB patterns on the pencil in the goodie bags I made for the class. (the pencils were purple/green striped).

Maia with her popcorn filled glove. You would have thought it was filled with gold...

Maia playing pin the nose on the pumpkin. Since it was close to election day, the class had to vote on each aspect of the pumpkins face. (round vs. triangle eyes, scary mouth or happy mouth, etc.)

Maia in the middle of two of her buddies from class, Paola and Chloe.

That evening it was, of course, time to trick or treat!! I didn't even bother with a camera because mine DOES NOT do night photos worth a darn. Here are a few before we went. Since I already posted about trunk or treating, there is really no need to beat a dead horse. I thought these were funny.

Hannah Montana aka Bailey. I kept this child from the time she was about 1 1/2 and she is now 5 and goes to school with Maia and rides the bus to my house.

Maia as the roaring 20's flapper.

Harrison being scary. Don't worry, the sword is all foam.

He cracked us up running up and down the sidewalk like this.

My little cuties all dressed up and ready to go. By the end of the night, the mask was off, the bandanna was off and I was carrying the sword. Maia had shed her headpiece, and the feather boa. Chris got the honor of carrying those.

And there ya have it folks. Another page out of my exciting life. Come back for more tomorrow!

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