Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Crap and the Waffle House

Last night we went to a Daisy Troop Meeting. The whole family went because Maia was suppose to get her first "petal" and some other things for her smock. Well, long story short, we get there, the leader is not there. We were suppose to have dinner, so we had not eaten. The kids were starving. We waited for close to an hour and she never did show up. There were a bunch of new members wanting to join and an old troop leader there that helps with our troop. I got concerned that something had happened to the leader, but turns out it was a big ole bunch of personal issues and work issues that got out of hand last minute and delayed her. No big deal, really.

Looking all cute in her Daisy Troop Smock. Hopefully, it won't be long before it is filled with patches and petals. A big daisy goes in the center and they earn "petals" for it.

We left there, and since we had not had dinner and really didn't have too much money to spare, we headed to the Waffle House to eat some good ole greasy breakfast food. Yummy. This establishment has been here in its current state since BEFORE I was born, if I am correct. It is OLD, people. OLD. We eat there quite a bit and the breakfast food is super. Of course, I had the camera with me since I had planned on taking some photos at the Girl Scout meeting. Oh well. I couldn't resist pulling it out in the Waffle House. Hey, in there, ANYTHING goes. ANYTHING. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Don't drool on the keyboard...

Chris and a grumpy looking, and hungry, Maia at the Waffle House.

Harrison and Mom do a Self Portrait at the Waffle House.

Harrison's Dinosaur bones "dressed" up in a tissue. What can I say, he is a very creative and inventive child.

The Menu: Decisions decisions...

Ahhh, my drink of choice, good old Coke, from a fountain of course.

I like this shot better. I was playing with the super macro feature on the camera.

Grilling up some fine dining in this fine establishment
(Gives new meaning to the term "greasy spoon").

Maia up close and personal. Again, the super Macro feature.

The choices were made and the decisions was... Waffle to be split with Harrison and Maia...

A Bacon, Egg and Cheese on Texas Toast sandwich for Mom. Chris got a Philly cheese steak on Texas toast, but I kinda figured I was being annoying with the camera so put it away before I got a shot of his yum yummy meal.

Maia opted for two sausage patties with her half of waffle while Harrison went for the bacon. That's good eatin' people!! (the camera also has a cuisine mode so I had to test it out! Although, I am pretty sure Waffle House does not count as cuisine. Maybe i should write them and tell them to add a "greasy food" option)

We were just about done eating, thank goodness, when Harrison leans over the wall of the booth we were sitting in and makes a startling announcement. He is looking over the wall into the part of the restaurant where they actually work, cook and clean. They were mopping the floor and had moved the trash can when Harrison peered over. He says "Look at all those bugs Mom!! What kinda bugs are they??" In a very 6 year old boy LOUD voice. Chris took a peek and, yep, they were ROACHES. Little bitty small ones. G-R-O-S-S. I don't know that I could have finished eating at that point. Now, I am no naive little girl. I know restaurants, probably more than I care to admit, have bugs. But it is just not something you want to see while you are sitting a mere inches away from dozens of them. I had the heebee geebees all night after that. Chris did too. Oh well, the food was good at least.

I am gonna leave you with this totally random shot of Maia, today after school, eating a big red Gala Apple. Yum Yum. Now, that IS truly good eatin'. Don't you just LOVE the argyle??


Sarah said...

my stomach can't handle the waffle house, i haven't eaten there since college, but back in the day that was the spot. roaches, gross. oh yeah, mirror blog isn't working i am having issues with it myself.

Karen said...

Hey, where's the pic of the roaches? hahaha!

Love the Coke photo!

Karen said...

P.S. Your kids are soooooo cute!!

35 and holding said...

Thanks Karen!! You know, i actually thought about getting a photo of the roaches, but figured i would get my butt kicked and my new camera stolen. LOL.