Friday, November 28, 2008

Old and New Friends

Today, instead of going out for all the door buster sales and the overzealous crowds, I slept in, then got up and took Harrison to the Dr. for his 7 year checkup, then met two old friends for our annual trip to McDonald's with our kids to chat, play and eat. Seems that lately, beginning at Halloween, is the only time I get to see certain people. I guess we are just all so busy... Anyway, its always fun to catch up with them and see how the kids have changed over the year. Gina and her Family live outside of Charlottesville, so we don't see much of her. Meghan lives here in Lynchburg, but with busy schedules, etc we just don't see each other that much. We do all manage to keep in touch via email, phone calls, and facebook though.

Gina, Meghan, and Myself have been meeting since the kids were babies. Ok, lets back up. Gina, Meghan and myself have know each other since we were babies. If I had a working scanner I am pretty sure I could find some photos of us together when we were about the same age as our kids are now. Probably at the pool, at a swim meet, or something else summer/pool related. We also all went to school together from grade school up through high school. Ahh, good times girls, good times!! Old Friends are the Best!

Lucky for anyone reading this, the earliest photos of our McDonald's get together start in November 2004.

Chloe (Gina's eldest daughter) and Alexis "Lexi" (Meghan's eldest child) in 2004

Miss Chloe in the jungle gym at McDonald's.
Collin (Meghan's son) sitting on Gina's lap. My son, on the floor as usual, in the background. My Saturn in the back background!! I've since graduated to a mini-van.

Lexi and Meghan having some lunch in 2004.

Gina rescuing a crying Maia from inside the jungle gym.

Miss Maia sitting inside the tunnel, Nov. 2004. On this particular trip, she had to be rescued from the tunnels/jungle gym several times by Gina. Usually, crying. At least she is happy here.

Harrison playing with the truck that Chloe and Gina gave him for his birthday in 2004.

The next year, November 2005, we had a new addition to our McDonald's get together...

Holly, (Gina's youngest daughter) was just several months old when we met up with each other.

The crew, minus Collin, who wanted NO PART of this photo. Harrison, Lexi, Chloe and Maia.

I managed to get a shot of Collin playing with Maia. He doesn't look real happy!

November 2006 was a bit more successful in getting all six kids into a group shot! Maia kinda disappears in the back, but she is there!

This is a better shot of Miss Holly and Maia. Aren't they cute!!

She (Holly) is such a pretty child. Love the blue eyes.

We must not have met up in 2007 because I KNOW I would have photos, but cannot find any from the event. These photos were taken today, November 28, 2008. Look how much everyone has changed!!

Maia, Holly, Collin, Harrison, Lexi, and Chloe November 28, 2008. Not an easy shot to get with six very active kids loose in a McDonald's Playland.

Holly, Lexi and Chloe pose for a quick photo. The two sisters could be twins if it weren't for their age difference.

Harrison in the tunnel slide.

Meghan and Collin.

Maia in the tunnel slide. Had to bribe her to get this shot. A Momma will do what she has too!!

Gina playing rescue again, this time with Holly, who refused to leave. Here, she is literally dragging her out of the tunnel slide by her foot. Not the most flattering shot of Maia...

Since our kids are all older now, we were able to get Harrison and Lexi to snap a photo of us together. Three old friends. I really really have to find an old photo and get a scan for comparison. Can't wait to do it again next year girls!


Sarah said...

maia is cute now, but as a toddler she was adorable, those eyes, i would have never been able to say no to her.

35 and holding said...

uh, yeah, i think that is why she is such a monster now. She was and still i such a little one man comedy act. She was a hilarious baby.